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Heal Your Sh*t, Shift Your Life
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Inspired to launch into a productive and abundant life, but are overwhelmed with where to start?  You will be presented with multiple experts who specialize in making these shifts, bringing you quality inspiration and tangible tips to live your best life!  
  •  Healing: Recognize your patterns.
  •  Remove Obstacles: What's standing in your way?
  •  Create the Shift: Create action around your desires. 

Healing and Shift Topics:
Anxiety & Trauma
Business Productivity
Spirituality & Metaphysical Aspects
Physical & Emotional Ties
Remove Blocks
...and so much more! 

Watch interview content by well known authors, healers 
and business leaders. 
You are One Experience Away from Your Shift
This space has been created for you. 
Breathe and allow a small space in your life for experiencing this summit. Watch at your leisure. 
You are partaking in an online event that is part self-care, spirituality, business, and productive life habits

Experience your shift through expert interviews, to create change in your life. 
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Free 4-Day Online Summit Starts
April 2nd- 5th 
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Some Contributors include: 
Melissa Love- Glidden

I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha
Corinne Zupko

From Anxiety to Love
  •  Dr. Christina Shawdy Sedaghat  (PGY-1) / Spirit Healing
  •  Melissa Love-Glidden        #spiritinspiredsoul
  •  Cherise Williams        The Goddess Life
  • Trisha Farrow Heal through nutrition 
  •  Marmie Jotter Psychotherapist / Kind Mind Center
  •  Alyssa Shaw Missleadingly ADHD
  •  Amanda Baudier "How To Change Your Life In A Year" 
  •  Grace Diaz Yoni Grace /        Yoni Egg Secrets 
  •    Dr. Sharie Stines The Recovery Expert
  •  Paige Burkes           Simple Mindfulness
  •  Alice Grange The Tapping Detective 
  •  Bodhipaksa Wild Mind /         Can't Believe It's Not Buddha
  •  Sevapreet Mantra + Miracles
  •  Samantha Hauger Millennial Millionaire
  •  Sharon Ehlers           Grief Reiki
  • Nikki Hartley  Mind Body Mana
  •  Corinne Zupko          From Anxiety to Love
  •  Cassandra Ceyla Alchemy Cass 
Free 4-day Online Summit Starts
April 2nd-5th
Register NOW! Capacity Is Limited! 
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